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Post Extraction Technician
Title:Post Extraction Technician
Salary Range:$11.50/hour
Grow Op Farms, the leading I-502 producer by volume of top-shelf cannabis in the state of Washington is hiring a Post Extraction Assistant for their Spokane location.This position is responsible for assisting with the clerical and administrative duties of the Post Process. 

Job Duties/Responsibilities
  • Performs the Post Processing steps required to get products ready for sale; different product types require vastly different operational procedures and steps.
  • Preserves terpenes and cannabinoids throughout all post processing steps.
  • Performs testing procedures and submission of bi-weekly testing; prepares samples for testing and interprets results to modify purging and extracting techniques to optimize product.
  • Understands how the different qualities of biomass, preparation, and packing procedure effects quality and yield of extractions based on ongoing quality observations.
  • Monitors product for multiple clients with different contracts, checks work orders to ensure purchased, split, or toll processing is tracked properly.
  • Ensures accurate product conversions through state approved tracking software and splits lots when there are multiple product types from a single lot number.
  • Communicates with management and interprets work orders to properly prioritize post processing activity.
  • Monitors product, checks work orders to ensure purchased, split, or toll processing is tracked properly.
  • Disposes of waste and maintains waste and designated area according to Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Tracks biomass inventory in designated tracking sheet(s), uses approved software for traceability and records waste product in compliance of state guidelines. 
  • Manipulates and refines crude extract per SOP.  
  • Assists in post processing activities and the setup, breakdown, and regular operation of the extraction room(s) as needed.
  • Maintains a clean and organized lab area and work space; performs continuous safety checks on machines and equipment which includes tools; notifies the Laboratory Director of maintenance needs.  
  • Understands laboratory equipment and processes required to make all product types and able to limit or enhance cannabinoid crystallizations to create different product types and manipulate crude hydrocarbon wax into many diverse product types.
  • Communicates with the testing companies, ensures product type, consistency, uniformity, removing or manipulating outliers and understands the testing calibration and affecting laws.
  • Emphasizes safety in all laboratory activities and responsible for employee safety and adherence to safety measures, process, and procedures.
  • Receives and communicates instructions, job assignments and updates verbally and non-verbally from Laboratory Director, fellow technicians, instructive lists, SOP, email, and other department electronic communication.
  • Trains, tasks, and motivates crew members and leads team.
  • Performs all other duties/responsibilities as necessary or assigned.
Job Qualifications
  • Must be 21 years old or older
  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Cannabis extractions concepts and market knowledge is preferred.
Physical Abilities: 
  • Regularly sit or stand for long periods of time doing repetitive tasks with hands, pull/push, carry up to 10 pounds, and grasp.
  • Frequently walk, reach, and taste, or smell. 
  • Occasionally climb, stoop/crouch, crawl,  carry up to 25 pounds, talk, or hear.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications